It is expected that every contributed paper (except those presented in the Open Forum Session) is presented orally by one of its authors. The time available for each presentation is 20 minutes (40 min for keynote lectures ONLY), including 5-7 minutes for discussion. Session chairs will be very strict on time to ensure an appropriate running of the parallel session and the flow of attendees from one session to another.

All meeting rooms will be supplied with an overhead projector (OHP), a projector for computer presentation (PowerPoint or similar), screen, microphone when necessary, and a stick pointer.
Participants are requested to bring their own computer and laser pointer, if applicable.
A 35mm slide projector, and a multi-standard (PAL, SECAM, NTSC) VHS player with video monitor will be available at no charge if requested in advance to the organizers before the beginning of the Conference. Please indicate any additional requirement by requesting them in advance to the organizers.
Due to the availability of these supplementary facilities, it might be necessary to swap the order of some presentations inside a session.

Though most of the attendees are experienced speakers, here are a few advices to help in preparing a concise and interesting presentation:

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