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Personal history

De-moulding hierarchical structures in Shape Deposition Manufacturing
Associate Professor of Production Technologies and Systems (ING/IND-16) at the School of Engineering of Pisa University January 1st, 2005, appointed in 2008.

Assistant Professor at Pisa University October 30th, 1998, appointed in 2001.

Research Assistant at Pisa University, 1997-1998.

PhD in Industrial Automation and Robotics from Pisa University, November 1992 - October 1996.

Reserve officer, Corps of Engineers, Italian Air Force, October 5th 1993 to January 4th, 1995 (95 corso AUC, Firenze - 41 Stormo, NATO Air Base, Sigonella). Final qualification: Excellent.
Delegate for the Military Representative Council at Local (Cobas), Regional (Coir), National and Interforces (Cocer) level . Secretary of the Air Force National Representative Council.

Master of Management of Innovation from Scuola S. Anna di Pisa, co-sponsored, November 1992 - October 1993.

Professional Course to qualify as Electronics Technician for Digital Signal Processing (DSP), sponsored by Regione Toscana with funding from the European Union, Leonardo Institute, Massa, Italy, July to September 1992.

Received a MEng degree (Laurea) in Aeronautical Engineering from Pisa University on April 10th, 1992.