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Master students and over

CAD model of a ball bearing

I have been tutoring the following students as detailed
2008 Matteo Masi, currently with GE Oil&Gas
  • class project, MEng in Automation Engineering
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2006 Santo Gentile, currently with GDTech sns (founder and owner)
  • final project, MEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2006 Federico Sebastiani, post doc, currently with Lucense
    2004 Leonardo Ristori, post doc, currently with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
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    Search the Electronic Theses and Dissertations database for theses (most are in Italian)

    Perspective PhD students (~1.000 euros/month x 3 solar years) for the programs in
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automation, Robotics and Bioengineering
  • from Italian and foreign universities, may consult before applying
  • The website of our Engineering PhD School Leonardo da Vinci
  • Current call (open July-August for 30 days)
  • Examples of past calls (listed since 2005)
  • General administrative information (mostly in Italian)
  • Contact me about tutorship options