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 6 sept. 2002:
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 13 sept. 2002

 18 oct. 2002:
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 8 nov. 2002:
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 9-12 mar.  2003:
 SAC 2003 takes place

SAC 2003


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Embedded Systems:
Applications, Solutions, and Techniques

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The field of embedded systems is getting more and more challenging, and issues in the development of embedded software are becoming very attracting to a wide number of researchers both in industry and academia.

Recently, the capabilities of embedded systems have been improved, in order to make them suitable to host also GUI-based and computing-intensive applications. Software development in the field of embedded systems, taking into account performance issues and power consumption as well, is becoming more and more difficult and considerable investigation is required on related methodologies and tools.

Nowadays, embedded applications in the industrial scenery are more and more built using software components; the motivation for this trend can be found mainly in time-to-market needs. The use of COTS solves a number of problems, but imposes a new way to look at embedded software development, making the designer operate mostly at the architectural level and tackling performance problems following new approaches.

The purpose of this special track within SAC 2003 is to address both practical and theoretical issues in development of modern embedded systems, especially operating on software (i.e. both at OS and at application level).

In this setting, researchers and practitioners from academia and industry will get a chance to keep in touch with problems, state-of-the-art solutions, open issues and future directions in the field of development of dedicated applications for embedded systems.