Embedded Systems:
Applications, Solutions, and Techniques


Embedded systems can be regarded today as some of the most lively research and industrial targets. In this field, the ever-increasing demand for computing power and any sort of system resources continuously challenges state-of-the-art design methodologies and development techniques. Most of the complexity of these tasks comes from the need to satisfy tight constrains on performance, memory size, code size, power consumption, appliance weight and dimension, possible real-time behaviors, maintainability, scalability, security, time-to-market and, last but not indubitably least, cost. In this scenario, solutions can be proposed at different levels of abstraction, making use of an assortment of tools and methodologies: both the hardware and software components must be taken into account. Moreover, the networked nature of many embedded systems raises new issues about their proper development. Tackling new problems emerging in this complex scenario, calls for a joint effort by academia and industry.
The focus of this conference track is on the application of both novel and well-known techniques to the embedded systems design and development. Particular attention is paid to solutions that require expertise on different topics (e. g. computer architecture, OS and RTOS, compilers, software engineering, simulation). In this setting, researchers and practitioners from academia and industry will get a chance to compare experimentations, propose new ideas, and discuss future directions in fields related to the development of embedded systems.

Topics of Interest


Alessio Bechini - Univ. of Pisa, Dept. of Information Engineering - Italy
François Bodin - IRISA Rennes - France
Cosimo Antonio Prete - Univ. of Pisa - Dept. of Information Engineering - Italy

Program Committee

Sandro Bartolini - University of Siena - Italy
Valérie Bertin - ST Microelectronics - France
Giorgio Buttazzo - University of Pavia - Italy
João Manuel Paiva Cardoso - University of Algarve - Portugal
Thao Dang - VERIMAG - France
Marc Engels -  Flanders' Mechatronics Technology Centre, Leuven - Belgium
Pierfrancesco Foglia - University of Pisa - Italy
Roberto Giorgi - University of Siena - Italy
Jörgen Hansson - SEI, Carnegie Mellon University - USA
Niraj K. Jha - Princeton University - USA
Peter Knijnenburg - Leiden University - The Netherlands
Andreas Krall - TU Wien - Austria
Tei-Wei Kuo - National Taiwan University - Taiwan
Ákos Lédeczi - Vanderbilt University - USA
Gokhan Memik - Northwestern University - USA
Michael O'Boyle - University of Edimburgh - UK
Richard Schantz - BBN Technologies  - USA
Henk Sips - TU Delft  - The Netherlands
Jean-Pierre Talpin - INRIA/IRISA - France
Stamatis Vassiliadis - TU Delft - The Netherlands
Miroslav Velev - consultant - USA
I-Ling Yen - University of Texas at Dallas - USA


Original papers addressing the listed topics of interest will be considered. Each submitted paper will be fully refereed and undergo a blind review process.

The accepted papers will be published in the ACM SAC 2006 proceedings.

Details about paper submission are available on the track website, http://www.ing.unipi.it/sac06 at the "Submission Guidelines" section.

Important dates

Questions can be directed to the Track Chairs. Additional details are available at the track home page at http://www.ing.unipi.it/sac06 and at the conference home page at http://www.acm.org/conferences/sac/sac2006/ .