MeshTech '08. Atlanta, GA, USA. September 29, 2008. Co-located with IEEE MASS
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Opening remarks (8:45—9:00)

Keynote speech (9:00—10:00)

Cross Layer Design in Wireless Mesh Networks
[pdf presentation slides]

Ian F. Akyildiz
Broadband Wireless Networking Lab
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332, USA

The conventional layered protocol architecture does not provide optimal performance for wireless mesh networks (WMNs). Optimization decomposition of protocol stack can achieve optimal network performance. This methodology usually results in a clean-slate protocol architecture that is different from the protocol architecture of WMNs. Such a difference actually proves the need of cross-layer design. Specific features pertained by WMNs also illustrate the need of cross-layer optimization across different protocol layers. In this talk motivations of cross-layer design in WMNs are explained. Moreover, cross-layer optimization schemes and algorithms between different protocol layers are investigated with an objective of shedding light on open research problems and new approaches. Guidelines for carrying out cross-layer design in WMNs are also provided.

Coffee Break (10:00—10:30)

Session 1 (10:30—12:00)

Evaluating Load Balancing in Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing Algorithms for Wireless Mesh Networks
Claudia Canali, M. Elena Renda, Paolo Santi (IIT-CNR, IT)

Intrusion Detection Systems for Community Wireless Mesh Networks
Dwight Makaroff (University of Saskatchewan, CA),
Paul Smith, Nicholas J. P. Race, David Hutchison (Lancaster University, UK)

Proxy Mobile IPv6 for Cluster based Heterogeneous Wireless Mesh Networks
Huu-Nghia Nguyen, Christian Bonnet (Eurecom Institute, FR)

Lunch Break (12:00—13:30)

Session 2 (13:30—15:00)

SINR-Sensitive Routing in Wireless 802.11 Mesh Networks
Azin Neishaboori, George Kesidis (Pennsylvania State University, US)

A Load Dependent Metric for Balancing Internet Traffic in Wireless Mesh Networks
Hervé Aïache, Vania Conan, Laure Lebrun, Stéphane Rousseau (Thales Communications, FR)

A Hybrid Multi Meshed Tree Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad hoc Networks
Scott Pudlewski, Nirmala Shenoi, Yamin Al-Mousa, Yin Pan, John Fischer (Rochester Institute of Technology, US)

Coffee Break (15:00—15:30)

Session 3 (15:30—17:30)

A Novel Approach to WLAN Mesh Interworking with Multiple Mesh Portals
Ghislain Maurice N. Isabwe, Kyeong Soo (Joseph) Kim (Swansea University, UK)

Airtime Deficit Round Robin (ADRR) Packet Scheduling Algorithm
Roberto Riggio, Daniele Miorandi, Imrich Chlamtac (CREATE-NET, IT)

A Framework for Cooperative Communications at the System Level
Benoit Escrig, Beatrice Paillassa, Daniel Roviras, Wasimon Panichpattanakul (ENSEEIHT, FR)

A Cluster Driven Channel Assignment Mechanism for Wireless Mesh Networks
Nicolas Letor, Chris Blondia (University of Antwerp, BE),
Stefan Bouckaert, Ingrid Moerman, Piet Demeester (Ghent University, BE)