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Keynote Lectures

Digital publishing, ethics and hydraulic engineering: the elusive or "boring" bore ? by H Chanson

Obstacles in streams and their roles as hydraulic structures by J. D. Fenton

Technical session 1

Scour at semi-integral bridge piers and pile groups by S. Akib, I. Othman, F. Othman & M.S. Marzuki

Measurement of scour-hole geometry at a square pier in a gravel Bed by R. Diab, O. Link & U. Zanke

Scour reduction due to partial block ramp failure by I. Lotti & S. Pagliara

3D plunge pool scour profiles by D.Roy, M.Amidei & S.Pagliara

Technical session 2

Characteristic depths and energy dissipation downstream of a labyrinth weir by R. Lopes, J. Matos & J. F., Melo

Labyrinth weirs by B. Crookston & B. Tullis

Stability analysis for rubble toe protections by A. Reda & W. Sulisz

Overflow features in a particular combined sewer manhole by I. Carnacina, M. Bernats, & S. Pagliara

Technical session 3

Modelling of flow over low gradient stepped chutes by M. Spano

Turbulence intensity and integral turbulent scales on a stepped spillway in skimming flows by S. Felder & H. Chanson

Optimization of the re-aeration potential on embankment stepped spillways in skimming flow regime by D. B. Bung & A. Schlenkhoff

Efficiency evaluation of cavitating jet apparatus by J.G. Dalfré Filho & A.I.B. Genovez

A geometrical alternative to reduce the potential for cavitation in high lift lock culvert valves by C. C. Battiston, E. B. C. Schettini & M. M. Marques

Technical session 4

Downstream flow from sluice gate in conduits as a hydraulic jump by A. A. A. Mees, C. C. Battiston & M. G. Marques

Hydraulic jump classification downstream of block ramps for nonuniform channel bed material by M. Palermo , R. Das & S. Pagliara

Hydraulic performance of roughened channels with cross beams by P. Mendes, R. Carvalho & M. Lorena

Performance of a multipurpose hydraulic channel by F. A. Santos, R. F. de Carvalho & F. Sancho

Technical session 5

Experimental investigation of the effect of sediment on discharge ratio at bottom intake structures by M. Shafaibejestan & A.Kamanbedast

Hydropower project vianden, computer controlled operation of scaled hydraulic models by T. Mohringer, F. Seidel, M. Lösche & F.Nestmann

Modeling groundwater fluctuations in unconfined aquifers by artificial neural networks by Roshni T., Madan K. Jha & Yasunori Kamii

Application of SWMM for urban stormwater management: A case study with modelling by Lai S.H., Ab. Ghani A., Zakaria N.A., Leow C.S., Chang C.K. & Yusof M.F.

An experimental and numerical analysis of effects induced by moving bodies in free surface water by F. Kerger1, S. Detrembleur, P. Archambeau, S. Erpicum, B.J. Dewals & M. Pirotton

Technical session 6

Effectiveness of fishways: Fish experiments in a vertical slot model (scale 1:1) by F. Morcillo, M. Castillo & L.J. Balairón

Influence of the widening of a tributary on confluence morphology: Preliminary results by M. Leite Ribeiro, S. Wampfler, K. Blanckaert & A. Schleiss

Application of HRF and SSF for up-gradation of traditional surface water by A. Roy, P. K. Roy, A. Majumder & A. Mazumdar

A fish protective operational mode for hydropower plants at the river Moselle and its effect on the eel population by B. Becker, F. Notermanns, J. Köngeter & H. Schüttrumpf

Technical session 7

RANS simulation of the flow generated by sluice gates by L. Cassan & G. Belaud

An explicit projection method for solving incompressible Navier-Stokes equations by S.Detrembleur, B.J.Dewals, P. Archambeau, S. Erpicum, & M. Pirotton

Howell bunger valve discharge coefficients by O.A. Pizzutolo & F.M.. Renna